Chon's Labs

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JoEllyn and Gene Anderson
Kingsley at 7 months

Quotes I purchased Maddie from Chon's Labs in August 2015. Maddie was one of bailey's pups from her first litter. Maddie is now 6months old and approximately 65 lbs. She is an extremely intelligent Lab, she has graduated from puppy school and family dog training as well. Maddie was house trained within a week and that is probably extending it longer than I should. She is currently completely off leash and very well trained. She is highly intelligent and in excellent health. I would highly recommend anyone who loves labs and wants a top quality dog at a fair price to seek these people out. You will not be disappointed Quotes
Robert Volpe

Quotes Just wanted to give you a little update... I picked Diesel up on September 20th today he is 9 weeks old. He is one hell of a dog. as of now I have had him for 2 weeks, Diesel is fully potty trained. He also knows how to sit and stay already. His intelligence is remarkable. This being my 3rd lab I could have not asked for a better dog... We are preparing for field trials in may 2015 He should be ready to hunt by the end of Feb. when I will take him to some pheasant farms. We also plan to hit the Duck opener next September. Couldn't be happier with this dog! Thanks again Nick Quotes
Nick Juran

Quotes Todd Gutknecht To Me May 21 I just wanted to drop you a note regarding Buck's Field Trial training. Buck and I will be going for his North American Hunting Retriever Association (NAHRA) Hunter title on June 15th near Des Moines (Maxwell, Iowa). We joined the Eastern Iowa Hunting Retriever Association (The Linn County Chapter of NAHRA) in February, and his skills have skyrocketed. He should hopefully be earning his NAHRA Intermediate Hunter- or AKC Senior Hunter title by this fall, or early next spring at the latest. The AKC Master Hunter Title is simply beyond my skills as a trainer. If I had the finances to send Buck to a Professional trainer, then I have zero doubt that he has the talent to be a Master Hunter. Frankly, those titles are more for breeding bragging rights, and my goal is to make Buck into an extremely solid hunting dog. An AKC Junior Hunter and the NAHRA Hunter are both titles given to dogs that are very talented retrievers. Quotes
Buck and hunting

Quotes We got Chaz from Chon's Labs in 2010. He was from Lily and Gringo's litter. Not a day goes by where I don't get a comment on how good looking and handsome Chaz is. He is so friendly and a cuddler!!! I can't imagine not having him. He is truly man's best friend!! Quotes
Kim Hildreth
Labs are the Best!!

Quotes We are the proud owners of a 4 1/2 year old chocolate lab, Jaxon and our newest member Chief is a yellow and he is 4 months old. Chon's labs are beautiful dogs with great temperaments and they are smart!!! If you are looking for a breeder who cares about their dogs and the families they go to, this is it! Chon and Jackie are wonderful people! Quotes
Doug & Jenn Banks
Lab Lovers