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All of Rosie's puppies have found great homes!!

They all seemed excited to go on their new adventures.

We thank you all, for the loving homes that

they will have with you.

We hope you will send photos of the pups

as they grow, and let us know how

they are doing.

Again, Thank You.

Chon & Jackie Guzman

This little guy has become the running buddy and

pampered pup of the Seiler Family

of Highlands Ranch, CO

This little girl is going to be part of the Corbaley

family, from Omaha NE.

Another of our little girls will be going with the

Henningsen family of Elkhorn NE

This little girl is making her new home with the

Minnaert Family. From Ankeny IA

This little girl is going to be keep busy with the

Ruiz family from Nebraska City NE.

This little girl is ready to start her new life with

The Bond family of Kellogg, IA

This little guy is going to have lots of room to

run and play on his horse ranch, with the

Hargens Family of Des Moines IA

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