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It has been to long in getting up the new photos of all the beautiful pups that have grown into beautiful dogs, or I should say grown into part of the families. Thank you all for sending the photos in. Sorry I am so long in getting them online.

This is Boss! He is Lilly and Gringo's pup. He is one big boy!!

This is Hobson and Alexis. He has loved her for 5 years!

This beautiful girl is Teal, she is Blossom and Rocky's pup

This Teal with her family.

This is Teal kicking back and relaxing!

This beautiful girl is Maddie

This handsome guy is Charlie. He is Bella & Gringo's pup.

this is Ivan, he is in training. He is one of Bailey and Rocky's pups.

this is Jaxon. He is Holly and Buck's pup. He looks so much like is dad.

Jaxon thinks it is his turn on the couch!

Jaxon taking a nap with his boy!!

This is Kara, she is Kody and Holly's pup.

This is Mako and his buddy Grant.

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