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This is Charlie and his master. Charlie

is from Lilly and Gringo.

This is Pep with a big stick! He was pretty proud of

that prize! Pep is Lilly and Gringo's pup.

Pep with his duck. He's in training!

Relaxing on the car ride to town. (Pep)

This beautiful girl is Remi, her first day home!

Remi is Sugar and Kody's Pup.

This good looking guy is Cooper. He is Iris and

Gringo's pup.

This is Cooper and one of his new sisters.

Marley looks like she is saying " did we

really have to bring him home!!"

Cooper and his blue blanket.

This is Max, Iris and Gringo's pup from litter born

01/05/2011. Max is loving his new home.

This is Samson. He is one of Bucks boys! He does

look like is Dad!! We still miss our Buck!!!!

This is Anna, she is Iris and Gringo's little girl

Jax looks like he is telling his master," It's OK

to stay in bed!!

This little guy is Pep. He is Lilly and Gringo's

Pup #6. He is just over 8 weeks old.

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