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Sugar and Kody's pups are going to their new homes!

They have all gotten good loving homes.

Thank you all, for taking good care, and I'm pretty sure

they will all be pretty spoiled!!

As I said before, all photos and updates are

more then welcomed !!!!

We really do love to hear how they are doing.

Thank you again!!

Chon and Jackie

This little girl is making her new home in Holts Summitt MO

Her new owner just got back from Afghanistan !

Thank you, for you service!! Our hats go off to you!!!

This big pup is making his home in Lincoln NE

He has a big job ahead of him, he will be watching over

his new boy!!!

This is Kolbe, she is making her new home in

Ottumwa IA.  

This is big Bo, he is making his new home in

Omaha NE

This is Stella Rose, she is going to be making her

new home in Missouri Valley, IA

Stella, 1st night home, after a good

day playing with her new boy Nicholas! They are fast

becoming life time buddys!

This little girl is making her new home in

Springfield NE

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