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Puppy pick up

Today was the day that Lilly's Pup went home with their new families!

Thank you all, for the good loving homes you are giving to the pups.

I am sure they will add a lot of love to their new families!

Please remember to send up dates from time to time.

We so love to hear how they are all doing.

Thank you again!!!

He is going to make his new home in Knoxville IA

 This is Augie kickin back at his new home!

This little guy is making his new home in

Emmetsburg Ia.

This is Gauge and his new brother Knuckle

I bet they are going to keep their new family


His new home will be in Grimes IA

Chaz, taking a break from playing

with his new toys.  

His home is going to be in Albion IA

Duke found his bed on his new

masters backpack!

This little girl is going to be making her home in

Plattsmouth NE

Miley's first night home in Plattsmouth NE.

Lovin the life!!!

This little guy is going to be spoiled in Alden IA

This little girl is going to be in the same town as one of

her brothers, in Knoxville IA

This little girl is going to make her new home in

Lincoln NE.

 Bailee found a good place to rest her head!

This is Nala, she will be making her new home in

Chicago Ill.

Nala laying on her princess sofa after all her brother

and sisters went to their new homes. She misses all

her playmates! She will soon be going to her new

home too, she is going to a family that can't wait

to have her home!! She will be getting lots of love

and hugs...

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