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This pup is Iris and Spikes pup born 10/18/09.

he is 4 months old in this photo. He is like his dad

Spike!! 4 months old and 48 lbs, a big boy!

This is the baby girl we were going to keep, until we

thought about it & thought it was best if we didn't. She

has a great new home!! They are going to love her a lot!!

This is Buck, He is Dusty's big boy! He is going to start

training for Field and trial work outs. If he learns as good

as he looks he will be one boy to watch!

This great looking guy is Pony (he is as big as one)

He is Holly and Bucks boy. Don't let the regal look

fool you, Suzie says he is a big joker too.

This is Pony with his toys he loves to play with. He

sure has a lot of Bucks looks!

This is Sera (black) and her sisters waiting so

nice to eat!

After a good meal, it is nap time!

It looks like Sera, is playing keep away

from her sisters!!

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