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Here are some NEW photos of pups in their new homes. Thank you all for sending us the updates!!

This is Malibu, she is the black pup, she is Brandi and Kody's pup. The chocolate is Moka, she is Sugar and Buck's pup and the yellow is Sierra, she is Daisy Mae and Gringo's pup. They all make their home with their family, The Sommichsens. They are loved very much!

This is Lilli and her family. Lilli is 5 month in this photo

this is one of Rosie and Jack's pups

This is Charlie and his new friend

This good looking pup is Major.

Hank and Paisley, waiting for Christmas

This is Hank the Yellow and his new partner Paisley

 Enjoying a good nap !!

This is Gibbs and his mom. He sure is getting big!

This is one of Lilly's pups. She was one of the smallest pups in the litter. She is doing great.

She is a litter mate of Hank's above photo

This is a new update photo of Pep. Pep is a BIG BOY!!

Pep on one of his hunts.

More photos Thank you all for sending them

 I received this picture from an e mail and can't remember who sent it. Not sure what pup this is.

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