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Sugar and Lilly's pups have found great homes. Thank you all.

We hope you will send photos and messages about how your pups are doing.

We really like to hear how they are doing and growing!

Again, Thank you!

Sugar's last pup found a good loving home with his new Masters

and a new brother "Boston".

Jake has a great home with his new owners.

These 3 pups each have their own new master! They have a nice big

country home to grow up big and strong. They will be very loved.

This big boy has got a great home with his masters! There is going

to be a lot of adventures for them.

Jacko, has found a great home. He has a good teacher in his new

brother Winston.

Miley will make sure this pup is going to be cared for and loved!

This pup is going on a lot of adventures with his new onwer.

This is Odin aka " Odie " He is going to have a lot of fun with his

new masters!

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