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Iris and Gringo only had 2 pups

at this last breeding.

Iris had a male and female.

Both pups went to great homes!

Thank you to both families for giving them

a good loving home.

This is Tori, she has a new family. Her new

brother is Tate. He is Holly & Spikes pup. She is

going to have a great home and lots of love!!

Tori's ride home with Tate.

Tate is teaching Tori how to

sit and fetch.

So tired after her first day home! Tate

will share his bed!

This is Max and his new family. He is going to

get lots of love and time with them!

Max's family has sent some photos

of his first days at home.

Max with his buddy Bryce.

Max & his other Buddy Jack.

Max sleeping in his new T-shirt.

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