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Thank you all for sending us your

photos to share. We love to

see the pups growning up.

This is Nala, and her new family. She is making

her home in Chicago Ill. She loves all the shops

and eateries that she can go with them. Nala is

Lilly and Gringo's pup.

Nala just had her nails done. Her owner

said she was sticking out her tongue for

the picture!

This is Nala going on a walk for a cure!

This is Hayleigh. She is sitting pretty with her

Hawaiian Lay. Hayleigh is out of Iris and Gringo's


Hayleigh seems to be saying she is ready for

her walk!

This is Henley, He is making his new

home in Colorado. He loves all the

new places to walk and play at.

Henley is from Rosie and Kody's


This is Henley's new friend Leela. He loves to

ruff house with her.

This is Sasha and her new sister. Sasha is from

Rosie and Gringos litter.

Sasha enjoying the cool grass.

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