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This is Chief & Jaxon. Chief is one of Blossom and Boomer's pups. Jaxon is one of Holly and Buck's pups.

Jaxon is teaching Chief everything he needs to know!

                    Adding one more to their family

Rocket with her Best Friend Sky. Rocket's First Birthday!!

Happy Birthday Rocket !

More photos of to enjoy!

This is Brandy, she is Blossom and Boomers pup. She has a new sister Abbie Rose, Abbie is from our Dusty Rose (she retired a few years ago) and Gringo is her father.

this is Gibbs and his family. Gibbs is Rosie and Jack's pup.

Gibbs taking a nap!!

 Gibb sleeping after dinner.

 Sarge, wanting to play with his new friend!

Sarge, after playing and eating!

 This is Jake, he is a big boy!!!

 Jake, has a regal look to him!

 this beautiful girl is Tessie, She is now at her forever home!! thank you!!!

Tessie, is going into training to work with kids. She looks like her mom Sugar.

This is Ollie and his family. He is going to be one busy pup, with his new boy!

Ollie is from Blossom and Boomer. 

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