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Thank you for sending in your photos!!! Sorry I have been so long at getting them on line. Everyone is so cute, and you see so much personality in them !! Thank you again.

 this is Max. He Loves going on car rides to see his peoples grandkids !!

Mako, trying out a ride on a tractor.

 this is Max too. He is one of Rosie's pups. He also looks like he likes his car rides too.

This is Rusty. He is Chocolate Max's buddy. Even turned to the side he is good looking!!!

For some reason, I can turn the photos on my computer, but when I send them to the website they will not turn! sorry!

 this little guy has no problem, helping with the garden !!! 

 I love this picture. This little pup has two best friends to grow up with.

 this is Mako and his boy. Mako has his own pool now.

Again, sorry that I can't turn these photos around.

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