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Gringo Sam, Gringo has now retired. He is a good boy, so gentle and loving. We will try to find him a new home, in the Spring. He loves everyone! and good with other dogs. Not to sure about Cats.

This is Gringo, he was born 07/05/05 He is a very light yellow, with beautiful black eyes. He is a gentle and loving dog. He is AKC registered but doesn't have his OFA yet, as he is not yet a year old yet. When he is 2 years old we will have that done. His parents are good and fair. He is 11 months old at this time and weighs 75 lbs.

Gringo and his best friend

When ever Eli is out Gringo is sure to be close by. He is very good with kids.

This is our VERY Handsome Gringo. He is now over 2 years old. He is such a laid back dog. He loves to play, but at the same time, he love to just sit with you. We had his OFA done his hips are fair. He is very very light yellow, almost white. He has very dark eyes, nice blocked head, and thick chest. We are very proud of Gringo !!!   

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