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This is Nala, she is Lilly and Gringo's

pup from their 01/01/2010 litter.

They are going to adopt another of

Lilly and Gringo's pups. From their

12/16/2011 litter. Pup # 1 (Belle)

is going to join their family and

be Nala's little sister!

This is Henely and his family. They live in

Colorado. He is Rosie and Kody's pup.

This big guy is Pony, from Holly and Buck. He is

over 100 lbs.

Susie says he is like a Fright Train coming down

the line!

Pony loves the snow!

Waiting for his next comand or the next throw!

This handsome guy is one of Holly and Kody's pups

Lovin the snow!

This is Triiger, he is Dusty and Gringo's


Triiger and his family.

This is King , Lady and Leo. They all belong to

a family in Council Bluffs. Lady is from Sugar,

and King and Leo are from Lilly.

Leo belongs to Joesph.

This is King he belongs to Stephen.

Lady belongs to Emily.

This is Lucy, she has two boys to take care of !

Lucy with her boys, watching out the


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