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This is Stella Rose, and her friend Bart. Stella is

Sugar and Kody's pup. She is 18 months in this


This is Sam, he is Gringo and Iris's pup. He is one

year old in this photo.

Sam kicking back on the bed!

This pretty little girl is Anna, she is Iris and Gringo's

pup. She enjoys jogging with her new master!

Bell meeting her new family for the first time, Bell

and Nala have the same mom and dad, Lilly and Gringo.

They are a year apart in age.

Bell and Nala.

Nala, Lilly and Gringo's litter 01/01/2010

This is Tori, she is Iris and Gringo's pup.

Tis is Tori and her big brother Tate. Tate is one of

Holly and Spikes pups. He is a big boy!

Tate now shares his kennel with Tori. He dosen't

make her sleep half on the outside anymore! HA!

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