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Wanted to share the new photos we were

sent. There is a few new photos of

our black pups grown up.

They would be from our Chocolate/Yellow breeding.

They are Very Beautiful dogs!

This is Duke. He from Holly and Spikes Litter. He was a Big pup and is

now a Big Boy!! I think he needs 3 laps to sit on!! Jamie told me that he is over

100 lbs now!!

This is Tate. He is also from Holly and Spikes litter.

His family just adopted a sister for him. She is

from Iris and Gringo's litter born Aug 28, 2010.

This is Sera's First Birthday! She is also from

Holly and Spikes litter. I bet she can't wait to

open her present and eat her cake!

This is Tate looking forward for his new

play mate to coming home!

This is Gracie. She is one of Rosie and Gringo's

Pups. She is sitting so nice!!

Sera loves the water!

Me?! I didn't play in the sprinker!!

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