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Hi, I am sorry, I misplace the paper I have with the dogs names and their parents. But I want to get the photos that everyone has sent. We so enjoy them and hope you do too.

This is Echo, he is Bailey and Rocky's male pup. He and his friend are having a game of tug a war!!

These pups are Rylie Chocolate Female and Levi the Yellow Male. Rylie is Bailey's pup and Levi is Dixie's pup. The are 12 days apart in age. Levi is going to be a big boy!!

This is Kara, she is one of Holly's last pups. She is loving the water.

Sharing the bed

Sweet little girl in the fall leaves.

Rocky's Boy!

I know I have this photo on an older page, but this is such a beautiful photo, I had to share it again!!

I am not sure but I think this is Lilly and Gringo's Pup

This has to be Holly and Kody's pup! Beautiful !!

If I am not mistaken, the pup on the left is Iris and Gringo's pup and the one on the right is Lilly and Gringo's pup. They went to sisters and their families.


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