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Elijah's Miss Hollywood, Holly has retired now. We are not yet sure if we want to let her go with another family. She is so sweet, I know I would miss her so much!!!

This is Elijah's Miss Hollywood, best known as Holly.

Holly is Sugar and Master Jasper's pup. she was born 07/25/2007.

She is a large strong girl. She is gentle and very loving. She weights around 90 lbs. She has a nice blocked head,thick chest, and a thick otter tail.

Holly has about 2 weeks before her litter is due

around the 13th of April.

Holly is such a good gentle girl. Her belly is starting

to show now. Not to much longer now!!

She is close to 100 lbs now.

Relaxing on one of the first warm spring days!

Just about ready to go to sleep!!

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