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I have been busy, and haven't been able to put new photos of all the pup and grown up pup on line. I am going to sit down now and get it done!! I have misplaced the paper that I have put the names of the dogs and pups, I am sorry for that, but I do want to get the photos up, for all to enjoy!!

I am pretty sure this is Gringos pup!

gorgeous photo! 

LOL, he sure likes to play in the mud!

this is Mako and his family, he now has to little boys to watch over!!

This is one of Blossoms and Gringo's pups. She is now 1 year old.

He looks like it was a good night time story!

this pup has to be Rocky's pup! To cute!!

Nothing better then a boy and his dog and an open field!

this is Jhilke , he is a gorgeous boy! 

 This is Jhilke as a pup! He is a big boy!

Best buds!!

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